October 9, 2017

IndiaDreamin Presentation - "Seamless Deployment Techniques"

At India Dreamin 2017, Pawan Tyagi from our team got an opportunity to speak about seamless deployment techniques, which he learnt by implementing in my projects. His goal was to share my findings, about the autonomous deployment techniques, which would be reducing manual efforts of the team regarding code review, code conflict and deployment.

October 4, 2017

IndiaDreamin Presentation - "Building a layoff-proof career"

At India Dreamin 2017, I got an opportunity to speak about a state of things, which were making news for quite some time in Indian IT. My goal was to share, what I learnt from past few recessions, rapidly changing technology, and watching layoffs of experienced professionals.

October 1, 2017

Thanks #IndiaDreamin17 and Zachary Jeans (#SFIndiaTour)

Last two days were quite amazing, as an #IndiaDreamin17 attendee, speaker, and sponsor, I am taking back good motivation, memories and conversations with my favourite people in Salesforce community. Thanks and congratulations Vinay and Shiv!

September 14, 2017

Exploring <lightning:flexipageRegionInfo /> #Winter18

Salesforce winter'18 release came with many good updates. One of that is a new <lightning:flexipageRegionInfo /> tag which allows developers to know how much real estate is available for components to stretch into. Following is a quick example of the same: