September 30, 2016

Fingerprint / Touch ID security for Salesforce 1

I recently twitted about Salesforce 1 security layer via fingerprint or touch id scanner.

As promised here we are with a video demo and details of a prototype which Concretio's research team developed.

Video overview & Technicals

Have a look at video below for the full demo of this prototype.

Here are some technicals:

  • We built a Cordova / Ionic app.
  • This app registers a URL scheme to be called out from anywhere in mobile, i.e. apps or html pages.
  • We used that URL scheme to connect with our app from Salesforce 1.
  • This app uses Touch ID / Finger print scanner plugin for Cordova


To Mr. Amjad Khan from Concretio, for his hard work on the prototype.

Your Feedback

Hope you liked the video, please share your thoughts and feedback.