September 30, 2016

Fingerprint / Touch ID security for Salesforce 1

I recently twitted about Salesforce 1 security layer via fingerprint or touch id scanner.

As promised here we are with a video demo and details of a prototype which Concretio's research team developed.

September 28, 2016

DF16 - Community Powered Circles of Success with MVPs

"Circles of success" is an amazing approach towards interactive group conversations, where focus is for like minder customers to come together as a small group, and start a more engaging unscripted discussion with each other. These discussions are good for getting tips about "getting starting" and "adoption" related topics. What I liked most here is, its customer to customer interaction, which opens great possibilities to share real life knowledge, earned out of solving real business challenges.

September 26, 2016

How to make most out of Salesforce Meet-ups ?

Salesforce developer or user groups are almost everywhere. If you're even slightly active on social media, I'm sure you must be aware of Salesforce meet-ups happening in your city. Following map from shows number of Salesforce developer groups world wide. I'm sure where there is technology, there is a Salesforce meet-up group for sure.
This post is to share my experiences about meet-ups, and how to make most of out of it.

September 21, 2016

How our team masters Salesforce using Trailhead ?

I recently came across this tweet from Salesforce Trailhead, its about sharing your trail blazer story.

I found it quite interesting, as Trailhead is base and the way we learn and groom ourselves at Concretio Apps. Trailhead is part of our 20 Days Salesforce internal training programme. We shared the same story in a Salesforce DUG meet sometime back (slides). The same Salesforce training process is more refined by our practice of 2 years, so I thought of re-sharing the same with a video demo (below).

September 15, 2016

September 8, 2016

UPVOTE - Ideas to get more out of Salesforce 'Named Credential' Feature !

Named Credential is a great feature to simplify authentication and API endpoint management in Salesforce, specially when OAuth is involved. One doesn't needs to get into technicals of:

  1. Getting OAuth Access Tokens.
  2. Refreshing the same. 
  3. Storing the same safely.
  4. Lastly using the same in an easy way.
Named credentials work really well for a single user scenario, where that user can go and authorise Salesforce to store their access tokens, and let any apex code use the same without much hassle. 

Though it becomes tricky when we are developing a multi user sync solution based on Named Credentials i.e.