October 1, 2016

Video Demo : Angular + Visualforce + Node JS + Grunt (PART 2)

In part 1 of this series, we saw how to create a basic Angular JS SPA (Single Page App) using your favourite IDE like Mavens Mate, Welkin's Suite or Aside.io.

As with SPA's most of the business logic and code stays in JS, & HTML files, its quite easy for any one to steal your IP.  In this post, we will talk about protecting your code and IP of app, by making it compressed, ugly and minified. Which is quite important for AppExchange apps.

Video Demo - DF15 : Angular-ifying your Visualforce pages (PART 1)

DF15 Session -Angular-ifying your Visualforce pages

I love mixing Javascript with Salesforce, whether its Angular, jQuery or Ionic. I presented in the same context at Dreamforce'15, in a session titled "Angular-ifying your Visualforce pages".

After Dreamforce, we shared slides and source code for the session on Github (link). Since then I was getting some requests in meet-ups and via messages to give more detailed demo of the slides. I'm glad that finally I was able to do the same, and record a video demo.

Though Angular 1.x is getting replaced by React and Angular 2.x, this video will still give you ideas on how to get things going in Visualforce using your favourite IDEs like MavensMate, Aside.io, or Welkin's Suite.

September 30, 2016

Fingerprint / Touch ID security for Salesforce 1

I recently twitted about Salesforce 1 security layer via fingerprint or touch id scanner.

As promised here we are with a video demo and details of a prototype which Concretio's research team developed.

September 28, 2016

DF16 - Community Powered Circles of Success with MVPs

"Circles of success" is an amazing approach towards interactive group conversations, where focus is for like minder customers to come together as a small group, and start a more engaging unscripted discussion with each other. These discussions are good for getting tips about "getting starting" and "adoption" related topics. What I liked most here is, its customer to customer interaction, which opens great possibilities to share real life knowledge, earned out of solving real business challenges.

September 26, 2016

How to make most out of Salesforce Meet-ups ?

Salesforce developer or user groups are almost everywhere. If you're even slightly active on social media, I'm sure you must be aware of Salesforce meet-ups happening in your city. Following map from meetup.com shows number of Salesforce developer groups world wide. I'm sure where there is technology, there is a Salesforce meet-up group for sure.
This post is to share my experiences about meet-ups, and how to make most of out of it.

September 21, 2016

How our team masters Salesforce using Trailhead ?

I recently came across this tweet from Salesforce Trailhead, its about sharing your trail blazer story.

I found it quite interesting, as Trailhead is base and the way we learn and groom ourselves at Concretio Apps. Trailhead is part of our 20 Days Salesforce internal training programme. We shared the same story in a Salesforce DUG meet sometime back (slides). The same Salesforce training process is more refined by our practice of 2 years, so I thought of re-sharing the same with a video demo (below).

September 15, 2016

September 8, 2016

UPVOTE - Ideas to get more out of Salesforce 'Named Credential' Feature !

Named Credential is a great feature to simplify authentication and API endpoint management in Salesforce, specially when OAuth is involved. One doesn't needs to get into technicals of:

  1. Getting OAuth Access Tokens.
  2. Refreshing the same. 
  3. Storing the same safely.
  4. Lastly using the same in an easy way.
Named credentials work really well for a single user scenario, where that user can go and authorise Salesforce to store their access tokens, and let any apex code use the same without much hassle. 

Though it becomes tricky when we are developing a multi user sync solution based on Named Credentials i.e. 

August 17, 2016

Auto geocoding & geofenced mobile notifications for Salesforce Accounts

Auto geocoding (no code) of addresses in CRM objects like Accounts, Leads and Contacts came recently in summer'16 release. This was great as one just needs to setup data.com clean rules, and you will get latitude and longitude populated for free. We will let you learn more about the well documented piece from Salesforce Summer'16 release notes.

In this post we are going to see a video demo of a mobile app built on top of this data.com clean rules feature. Here is quick brief of the app:

  1. Targeted for Sales people on the go/road.
  2. Idea is to generate mobile notifications/alerts when they are approaching close to an Account. 
  3. This alert will come when they are near a configurable perimeter around that Account, say 1 KM. This could be easily done in the app. 
  4. This app is built using Cordova, Ionic, Angular JS and HTML/CSS.
  5. Salesforce data is integrated via REST APIs.
  6. OAuth for getting Salesforce access tokens.

August 12, 2016

Running our own website & business on Salesforce 1 Platform

We got Salesforce enterprise license few months back, primarily with the goal to move our business on Salesforce platform.  It was quite an exciting experience to get your own Salesforce Enterprise edition org. A feeling that you are no more logging to just your any other dev org, but its your own Salesforce org for your very own business. It was very special when we created our very first custom object, field and sandbox :) Its like having our own baby, after being a nanny for many years.

July 12, 2016

Missing Salesforce #SummerOfHacks Hackathon !

It was lazy morning on July 6, when Facebook's "On this day" feature flashed a lot of memories from 2014. 
 Those memories were from an awesome Salesforce hackathon named "SummerOfHacks" organised in 4 cities by Salesforce.

May 26, 2016

RECAP - Delhi Salesforce DG Meet - Zachary Jeans #SFIndiaTour, 22nd May

It was lazy and hot Sunday afternoon, which turned up well at New Delhi Salesforce DG meet. This meetup is having good agenda, and sessions lined up. Here are few quick bites

May 16, 2016

Fixing Salesforce Mobile SDK (Android + Gradle) Issue

We recently got a new Salesforce hybrid mobile app project, based on previous experience with hybrid apps and Salesforce mobile SDK, we started out of excitement, which faded out pretty soon. This issue is only related to Android app release and recent versions of Cordova (seems v5.x onwards)

Here are steps to run into this issue: