September 25, 2015

Slides & Code - My Dreamforce 2015 Session on Angular & Visualforce

Since Q4 2013, AngularJS is helping me deliver amazing UX in Salesforce 1 mobile and desktop, which was previously achieved using jQuery, Kendo, Dust, Mustache etc. I was very excited and impressed with the way Angular brings discipline to Javascript coding, its pretty easy to hate and curse each other's Javascript code otherwise, web devs will agree :). It was not only discipline and organisation in code, but also clear separation of concerns i.e. behaviour, markup and model, which made Javascript codebase more maintainable.

September 10, 2015

Seriously "Struck - By - Trailhead" !

You read it correctly, it not "struck by lighting", its "struck by trailhead",  we love lightning a lot, but trailhead so far is such an amazing time saver to Concretio, that we can't resist saying that. We recently presented and shared our thoughts about the same in Trailhead developer meet-up in India, where we shared with other partners and developers, how we are using Trailhead to internally educate our developers, and saving any class room training time for new hires coming from other platforms/language.