August 19, 2015

Chrome Extension: Salesforce Tool Suite - got a new update

For past few weeks, we are preparing  "Salesforce Tool Suite" chrome extension for a major update, which was based on your feedback and some planned change. That major update got published today, to make sure you are on latest version, check for v0.6.3 in chrome settings.
Checking "Salesforce Tool Suite" version number

August 16, 2015

Trailhead awesomeness continues..

Trailhead got a major release recently, its now having 30 modules, 7 trails, and 6 projects. I am pretty happy to see Trailhead evolving, its a huge help and time saver for my company, we revamped our training program and its 100% based out of Trailhead only now. Thus we decided to share the same in recent "Summer of Trailhead" meetup with other experienced and aspiring developers.