September 25, 2015

Slides & Code - My Dreamforce 2015 Session on Angular & Visualforce

Since Q4 2013, AngularJS is helping me deliver amazing UX in Salesforce 1 mobile and desktop, which was previously achieved using jQuery, Kendo, Dust, Mustache etc. I was very excited and impressed with the way Angular brings discipline to Javascript coding, its pretty easy to hate and curse each other's Javascript code otherwise, web devs will agree :). It was not only discipline and organisation in code, but also clear separation of concerns i.e. behaviour, markup and model, which made Javascript codebase more maintainable.

September 10, 2015

Seriously "Struck - By - Trailhead" !

You read it correctly, it not "struck by lighting", its "struck by trailhead",  we love lightning a lot, but trailhead so far is such an amazing time saver to Concretio, that we can't resist saying that. We recently presented and shared our thoughts about the same in Trailhead developer meet-up in India, where we shared with other partners and developers, how we are using Trailhead to internally educate our developers, and saving any class room training time for new hires coming from other platforms/language.

August 19, 2015

Chrome Extension: Salesforce Tool Suite - got a new update

For past few weeks, we are preparing  "Salesforce Tool Suite" chrome extension for a major update, which was based on your feedback and some planned change. That major update got published today, to make sure you are on latest version, check for v0.6.3 in chrome settings.
Checking "Salesforce Tool Suite" version number

August 16, 2015

Trailhead awesomeness continues..

Trailhead got a major release recently, its now having 30 modules, 7 trails, and 6 projects. I am pretty happy to see Trailhead evolving, its a huge help and time saver for my company, we revamped our training program and its 100% based out of Trailhead only now. Thus we decided to share the same in recent "Summer of Trailhead" meetup with other experienced and aspiring developers.

February 23, 2015

Widening Trusted Testers Programme - Salesforce Debug Log Chrome Extension

Update (24-Feb-2015) : This extension is GA now, as most of the users are finding it tough to get into trusted testers programme. You can download the extension directly now from Chrome Web Store (link to listing)

If you missed our last post, we are talking about a new Chrome Extension for viewing debug logs. If its still sounding unfamiliar, please read this post first, or if you like videos, this youtube video can give good overview.

As we posted last week, we are testing this plugin and collecting feedback in a closed trusted tester group. We believe now plugin is in decent shape, so we want to open it to a bigger group, so we are inviting more enthusiasts who want to participate in the trusted tester programme.

February 16, 2015

Preview - Salesforce Debug Log Chrome Extension

Update (24-Feb-2015) : This extension is GA now, as most of the users are finding it tough to get into trusted testers programme. You can download the extension directly now from Chrome Web Store (link to listing)

We all developers use Salesforce debug logs to figure out fishy things in code. I sort of struggle with the way logs are presented currently, as its bit tough to make sense of all information.

This open source debug log indenter called "sIndent" is doing a great job in making logs more readable. But its not well connected to my salesforce org, I need a manual copy paste of debug log, which is extra effort and not very productive.

So, we decided to have a chrome extension, which could use goodness of "sIndent" and make it work more seamlessly with Salesforce. Out of some moon lighting effort by one of our smart developer Badan Singh, we managed to come out with a alpha release. Following is screenshot of the same:

Chrome Extension - Salesforce Debug Log View

February 13, 2015

Exploring Salesforce Mobile SDK 3.1 release

My journey with "Salesforce Mobile SDK" started in 2013 with native part of SDK i.e. iOS app called WorkInbox.

My Javascript love started bubbling up in 2014, I was doing lot of stuff AngularJS etc. Later half of 2014 was committed to Salesforce 1 app called MeYouThere (thanks to SummerOfHacks), which is a S1 first mobile app, thus not using Salesforce Mobile SDK.

Near end of year 2014 luckily stumbled on a complex hybrid app again using Angular, Ionic etc powered by hybrid tooling of SDK. This app is for field persons servicing machines, and logging reports with rich text fields, signatures and pictures using tablets.

I was very excited to see 3.0 update few weeks back, and now 3.1 update is out as well, its very pleasing to see frequent and mature updates coming to Mobile SDK.

In this post I will try to cover what I learned in this journey, and what latest Mobile SDK 3.1 has to offer.

February 5, 2015

Trailhead Updates: Exploring new contents and features !

TrailHead was launched at Dev Keynote in Dreamforce 2014, and its pretty handy single link for me to point out college graduates, and new to Salesforce developers. In past I tried creating some open source guides on github, which were honestly a boring way to start learning about Salesforce 1 platform.

Trailhead is recently updated with 2 new modules, and more fun learning ways.