December 25, 2012

Better Salesforce Code security compliance via *NEW* Checkmarx online code scanner

Security compliance of code is important, and it's tough to escape when you’re planning to list your app on AppExchange. My previous post about the “Preparing for security review process” lists various steps for the same. One of the steps required is passing your code to “ security scanner”, this scanner scans the code and emails you back the results. This worked decently in past, but would be nicer if:
  • We don’t have to wait for scanner’s email to come, as its delivery time is not guaranteed to be within X hours.
  • One can track the code quality for improvement or degradation over the time.
  • Integration with code versioning system like GIT, to pull and scan the results as required.

Exploring – *NEW* Checkmarx Online Code Scanner

I recently came across this new online code scanner by Checkmarx. This scanner address all of the problems listed above and gives rich insights. Here are a couple of video screencasts that walk you thru functionality of this new scanner.

December 24, 2012

Fixing performance and memory issues in Eclipse or IDE

Eclipse needs a decent amount of heap(Memory | RAM) to work smoothly, minimal heap sizes start from 256 MB RAM and upper limit to that value usually depends on the eclipse plugins and amount of physical RAM installed on your machine.
Chances of eclipse being slow on low heap configuration are high, this is because you are overloading your processor and disk in classic RAM <> Disk swap cycles and CPU processing going on during the same. If this heap falls below a certain level, you might see Eclipse crash with errors like “OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space”.
This post tries to cover a couple of Eclipse flavours/variants and ways to fix performance and memory issues on the same. As IDE itself is based on Eclipse, so most of the tips apply to IDE users as well.

How to fix Performance ?

Mystery behind exciting node names !

I recently used, the thing that surprised me most was node naming convention, which is pretty much like Heroku, that gives similar exciting names to your nodes, for example node names are like this only, for example

December 14, 2012

Chatter Share button for Salesforce & Publishers–Preview !


I am no more involved in active development of this button, and strongly believe that it should come from Salesforce only, this is specially *CRITICAL* for the data security reasons of enterprise customers. Based on early feedback I got about this button, major concern raised was

How info-sec team of my org can trust and approve this button regarding illegal use of sensitive enterprise data ?

This point makes sense to me, as this button requires OAuth token access to the org. So, please consider this as a hobby project from my side and I would like to see Salesforce to deliver something like this in near future.

For now, to solve the security point, I am planning to create a browser plugin for the same (stay tuned for more updates !)

Social sharing buttonsChatter share button is something being asked for since launch of Chatter. A Share button for chatter will basically do the same thing as Twitter’s tweet button or Linked In’s share button does i.e. share a link to the social platform.

Idea to develop a share button for Salesforce chatter was bugging me since Chatter launch, but got a chance to complete this button recently, with huge help from Prateek, he is lead engineer for this button and turned this idea into reality.