May 24, 2012

Apex Summer’12 Comparable interface Sorting Examples : Part 2 (Multi Attribute/Order Sorting)

In previous post i.e. “Apex Summer’12 Comparable interface Sorting Examples : Part 1”, we saw how easily we can sort a UDT(User Defined Type) on various attributes like Date, Datetime, String and Numbers.

This post will demo how we can get the ability to sort on

  • Multiple attributes
  • Both ASC and DESC sorting orders

May 23, 2012

Apex Summer’12 Comparable interface Sorting Examples : Part 1

I am happy about the native sorting support in Apex for UDT(User Defined Types), I was missing this a lot since I am java developer who is used to of Comparable and Comparator based sorting.

Another reason of drafting this post, is because I didn’t liked the sorting example available in apex developer guide, this example is complex way to achieve the desired.

Sample APEX Class

Following apex class with following 4 different type of attributes is used for illustration

  • Name : Type = String
  • Age : Type = Integer
  • DOJ : Type = Date
  • checkInTime : Type = Datetime

Salesforce summer’12 Sorting enhancements reviewed !

With summer’12 release, I was very happy to see the ability to sort Non-primitive data types in apex with availability of List.sort() and Comparable fixture. Having native or system sorting support is great, but few gaps are their as well.

May 21, 2012

Salesforce Summer’12 Release Favourites ! Summer’12 Release brought some interesting and much awaited enhancements, this post briefs the ones that interested me most.

PDF Rendering Pipeline Optimizations

As the release notes say they have improved the processing to render the PDF pages faster. I came to know previously page is processed twice, thus constructors + action functions are invoked twice as well. This change is good, but I found few peers struggling with the same, even release notes warn to do extensive testing for this upgrade.

May 11, 2012

Location sharing/glimpse in Salesforce–Again !

Somewhere back in June’2010 team organised a chatter challenge, and I submitted an App called Location Glimpse for the same, which scored 3rd prize.

My idea was to extend and take it to next level, but can’t spare time afterwards. These days we made some progress on the same App with my fellow developer Kanishk. Here is a video of what is cooking and coming up now

Looking forward for your views on the same.