January 31, 2012

Force.com Developer Console Navigation Trick

I never thought that working in browser can be more fun than Eclipse IDE. But my thinking is changing these days, first http://jsfiddle.net/ became my favorite playground for any HTML/Javascript research and now I felt Developer Console is way more convenient and faster to work as compared to Eclipse, reasons:

Describing picklist values for Sobject with multiple RecordTypes !

I recently came across an interesting problem mentioned in this post by  Mr. Keir Bowden(@bob_buzzard), solution mentioned in this post was cool and it excited me to try an alternate one that started drawing in my mind, while I was reading his post.

January 29, 2012

Salesforce Email Services - Where is "Delete" button ?

Deletion of email services is interesting, recently one of my team member approached me about, why “DELETE” button is not coming on configured Email Services ?

Same is indicated in screenshot below:

Salesforce email service no delete button visisble

January 18, 2012

Crowd sourced getting started guide for Force.com developers.

Screen Shot 2012-01-18 at 5.11.38 PMGetting started with force.com platform is an interesting roller coaster ride for developers of any experience level. I tried bringing some of those newbie experiences in this post, and then a guide that can help newbie’s to get up to speed quickly with platform.

the force.com newbie story !

Fresh graduates mostly compare it with C/C++ and try searching out similar fun out here.

For experienced it’s a different sort of comparison from various degrees and angles :) I was from Java/J2EE background for me it was a huge change in mindset, i.e. I was missing

January 16, 2012

Multiselect picklist jquery plugin for iPad and Desktop browsers

We recently came across a problem, we have to develop a multi-row/multiselect picklist that looks similar in both desktop and iPad browser.

We could have easily used the usual Visualforce tag i.e. <apex:selectList …/> for the purpose, like this

<apex:selectList id="contactPickList" value="{!selectedContactIds}"  multiselect="true" size="4">
   <apex:selectOptions value="{!contactOptions}"/>

But iPad doesn’t supports “size” attribute on HTML <select> tag, and to save real state on page it always shows picklists in one line. Picklist options are shown in popup on click.

We are troubled by this difference, as the UI was looking very different in iPad and desktop. You can assume that we are developing UI having Salesforce “Customize you tabs” type interface, here is the difference

January 14, 2012

January 2, 2012

Yet another Apex Trigger Template !

I know Trigger templates are previously discussed also in great detail. We have excellent posts available by Steve Andersen(Gokubi) and Mike Leach on the same. Here is my small journey on Triggers

  • I started developing on force.com, I used bare bone approach as mentioned in Apex developer guide.
  • After sometime I was  using something similar to what Steve mentioned in his blog, I was happy to see that Steve suggested a similar practice.
  • Eventually tried something that is similar to what Mike suggested in his blog.

After trying all of the above trigger templates, I was still not happy when working solo or when working with a big team of engineers on the same project. I wanted something simple to adopt easily with flexibility to extend/add as required.