September 11, 2011

Seesmic CRM for Salesforce (Android Version) reviewed !

Seesmic CRM for Android and Ipad was announced near Dreamforce. The ipad version is coming soon, and Android one is available as beta in Android Market Place, one can download the android app from here.

Playing with Seesmic CRM for Android !

I spent some time with this app, here are some screenshots of what I did in order from left > right and top > bottom.
Please hold your mouse for a while on image for more details about it in tooltips.
Seesmic CRM Android App IconSeesmic CRM Add Account ScreenSalesforce Oauth login screenOauth Give permission to Seesmic to Access resourcesSeesmic takes some time to load after loginSeesmic home screen, post loading and loginSearch works across contacts, leads, accounts & opportunitiesContact detail record Activities open and history on ContactSeesmic shows chatter feed on object detail
Here is my opinion about this app

What I liked about Seemic CRM for Android !

  • Good to have it in free on Android
  • Has a sleek and simple interface
  • Doesn’t asks you for password, uses oauth.
  • Gives across object search in leads, contacts & opps etc.
  • Shows Chatter feed and activity log together with object details as shown in above images.
  • Logs events like phone call & emails as activity. Please refer to above image collection for details

Issues and Challenges for Seesmic CRM

  • Very buggy beta release, don't want to discuss the bugs here. I hope next update will fix most of the issues.
  • Its still not at all close to what Salesforce Mobile is giving already to iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile users.
    Though it comes at some cost, but that is not always the case.
    • “Salesforce Mobile Lite” is free for all editions of Salesforce
    • “Salesforce Mobile” is free for Unlimited Edition customers; available in Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition for $50/user/month.
  • Salesforce Touch i.e. seems to be something really huge and generic for all mobile platforms like phones & tables. The features and quality of interface seems mind blowing with Salesforce touch, its really a giant killer for Seemic CRM App. So with Seesmic having native apps for Android/ipad vs single Salesforce touch app being available to handle all mobile platforms is a big gap to fill, it would be almost next to impossible for Seesmic’s native CRM apps to match up “Salesforce Touch”. This video shows how awesome its going to be



Looking forward for your thoughts on this post.