September 7, 2014

Auto Updating HTML5 Cache Manifest for Salesforce 1 / Visualforce

For well known performance reasons, client side caching of web resources like stylesheets, images and scripts is important. This becomes pretty important for those who are creating mobile/tablet Visualforce pages for Salesforce 1. Luckily HTML5  Application Cache is well supported on Visualforce + Salesforce 1 stack, please refer this official document for more details.

Getting started with Cache Manifest is easy, but problem comes when cached resources are changed, and we need to force browser to refresh them ?

August 12, 2014

Using "Chrome Mobile Emulator" for testing Salesforce 1 Mobile Apps

If you are developing Salesforce 1 mobile apps, and struggling to test the same, on different mobile devices, geo locations and network conditions, following video might be good help:


August 1, 2014

Testing SOAP Outbound Messages without failures

As suggested by Salesforce docs, one can use services like or to test outbound messages. But these services are pretty generic so they just return 200 / OK response for any inbound request. For an outbound message to be considered delivered successful by salesforce, it needs an SOAP XML response with "Ack = true" in following format:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
<notificationsResponse xmlns="">