Monday, June 30, 2014

Cancelling out of HTML5 browser validations !

This post is based on a short scary movie, I was working on a cool HTML-5 page

 <apex:page .... docType="html-5.0"/>

But all the coolness disappeared when powers of CANCEL button are gone. The typical Cancel button in salesforce, which is always tough enough to get out of any validation, i.e.

<apex:commandButton action="{!cancel}" value="Cancel" 
immediate="true" />

On hitting the cancel button like this, HTML5 and browser acted smart and ruined all the fun, i.e. got following error:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Managed Package Extension - Developer Console Chaos !

Recently I was working on a managed package extension, which required me to use some GLOBAL Apex APIs from the managed package.

I mostly use, mavens mate or eclipse (in decreasing order of preference). I was giving Developer console a try, because of recent Spring'14 developer console enhancements, like :

  • themes (monokai my fav) 
  • adjustable font sizes, can't use Developer console with those big fonts :)
You must be thinking, I am pretty choosy ? Yes I'm, specially when it comes to IDEs, where I spend most of my life :) 

But, all the fun and excitement disappeared, when I ran into a strange save/compile problem, that made me quit Developer Console again.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Clutter free Salesforce schema builder experience

I recently spent quite sometime on Schema builder. One thing I always desired was more real estate to visualise more objects and stuff. Simplest things I could do to achieve this were

  1. Take chrome in full screen mode,  ⌘-Shift-F on Mac and F11 on Windows/Linux
  2. Hide side bar after adding required objects to the canvas. 

Next, I don't need this 1-2" of following Salesforce header while visualising objects.

salesforce website header

As I could easily quit schema builder by hitting browser back button or Close button (see screenshot below):

Salesforce Schema builder close button

Being a developer I use chrome developer tools a lot, so next quick dirty hack I could always do is hide/kill this Salesforce header, by deleting it from DOM using Chrome developer tools. 

But its not really neat, and I always have to do it. Some better solution should be there... ?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Open list (GIST) of Salesforce blogs

Salesforce community is pretty vibrant and growing like anything. Quite a few times I found some new interesting Salesforce blog, and thought "how come I missed it ?".

Friday, January 3, 2014 Migration Tool installation on Mac OSX

I was setting up a Mac Machine, while installing migration tool, I was able to grab the zip file as per following steps mentioned in official guide.
  1. Log into a Salesforce organization on your deployment machine.
  1. From Setup, click Develop | Tools, and then click Migration Tool.
  1. Save the .zip file locally and extract the contents to the directory of your choice.
  1. Copy ant-salesforce.jar and paste into your Ant installation's lib directory. The lib directory is located in the root folder of your Ant installation.
I was stuck in last step #4, as I have to locate ant "lib" directory in installation folder.